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India's #1 Hard Water Filter

  • Clinically Proven & Trusted by Experts

  • Reduces Hairfall & Frizzy Hair

  • Optimised for Skin & Scalp pH

  • Improves Acne & Skin Barrier

We Believe Your Shower Water is 'Step Zero'

Our shower water is the root cause for most of our skin & hair issues.

Nearly all of our water contains chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants, which fundamentally cause the issues we’ve all been trying to solve: hairfall, acne, you name it.

Your Most Essential Beauty Tool ⭐

  • "Chlorine can strip natural oils, create tangles and dryness, and even cause split ends on all hair types."

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  • "Hard water can lead to itchy rashes, and reduced skin barrier. Leading to Acne & Scars"

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  • "In Noida, my hair has lost its Guwahati glow and my scalp is the itchiest it has ever been."

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