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    Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Under the Sink Reverse Osmosis Systems

    A home reverse osmosis (R.O.) system can substantially reduce dissolved minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and manganese as well as brackish mineral salts, chlorides, and other tastes. The result is cleaner, healthier drinking water.

    Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems

    Water in nature is never really perfect and comes to us with impurities from living organisms, suspended substances and dissolved gases and solids.  All of these can affect the taste and appearance of water, not to mention its degree of both safety and hardness.  The reverse osmosis process is the same process that many hospitals throughout to country have used to make certain that their pharmeceutical water is of the highest quality. 

    Commercial/Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems (Fresh Water, Brackish Water and Sea Water)

    FORCE 1500 - 6000 GPD RO has an energy savings high fkow membrane, tds monitor and could be used for kiosks water bottlers and beverage production.With a Whole House/Commercial RO water system from The Good Water Company (A division of Porta Via Water Company, LLC), users obtaining water from a low-quality well can enjoy water with lower total dissolved solids (TDS), not just lower hardness.

    The Reverse Osomsis process uses membranes to remove dissolved solids, organics, pyrogens and bacteria from water. Reverse Osmosis also removes sodium, chloride, hardness, fertilizers, insecticides, arsenic, heavy metals and many other contaminants.